【 Containerized Power Plant 】

Containerised Power Plants (CPP) are composed of one or more Containerized generator sets, with a body container, an auxiliary container and a storage tank, including Engine power plant and Gas turbine power plant. suitable for use in the field of mines, oil, outside and so on.

Containerized Generator Sets are a generator set in a shipping container that runs on Light fuel oil, Heavy fuel oil, Crude oil or Gas fuel. Containerized engine generator set power output is less than 2 MW/ Units, Gas turbine power output is less than or equal to 3 MW/ Units. The Power Plant is an engineering marvel with a modular, expansible system and includes all ancillary equipment. The containerized unit allows for short lead times and brief installation times. It's very simple to operate and has low operating costs. The units compact design arrangement provides for more expansion opportunities. Please choose the suitable product for you >> Containerized Generator Sets.

Containerised Power Plant Benefits: less civil, short construction period, saving investment, low operating costs and flexibility.

Containerised Power Plant

Containerized Generator set

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