【 Parts 】

For you to provide long-term spare parts is an important part of the service. We will supply the clients with the original genuine spare parts at the competitive condition in aspect of price, delivery time and quality etc. Please do not hesitate to contact us with the inquiry or questionnaire.
1. Cummins Parts

1). Actuators of PT-Pump
2). Cummins Generator Set Parts
3).Cummins Marine Engine Parts
2. Caterpillar Parts

1.Caterpillar Generator Sets Parts
2.Caterpillar /Mak Marine Powers Parts
3.Caterpillar Machines Parts

3. Perkins Parts
1.Perkins Diesel Generator Set Parts
2.Perkins Engine Parts
4. MAN Parts
Supply MAN engines, generator sets spare parts 
5. Hyundai Parts
Supply Hyundai engines, generator sets spare parts
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