【 Containerized Generator Sets 】

Containerized Generator Sets refer to the system engineering that installs the generator set in a container, It is a modular and expansible system and includes all ancillary equipment. Containerized Engine generator set power output is less than 2 MW/ Units, and can run a variety of fuel oil or gaseous fuels.

The containerized generator set allows for short lead times and brief installation times. It's very simple to operate and has low operating costs. The units compact design arrangement provides for more expansion opportunities. It is suitable for field use in mines, oil fields, etc. The generator set has the functions of weatherproof and sand. For more Containerized power plants information, please vist our website:  Containerized Power Plant  .

Classification of Containerised generator sets: 1 According to the fuel used, gensets can be classified into Containerized diesel generator sets, Containerized HFO generator sets, Containerized crude oil generator sets and Containerized biofuel generator sets, etc. 2 According to their uses, the gensets can be classified into Standard containerized generator sets, Sound-proof containerized generator sets, and Vehicular containerized generator sets, etc. 3 According to engine speed, gensets can be classified into High-speed Containerized generator sets (speed ≥1200 r/min), medium-speed Containerized generator sets (speed from 600 to 1000 r/min).

We supply containerized generator sets with output rating from 0.18 MW to 2.0 MW. They are widely applied to factory & mining, power piants, onshore oil fields and offshore oil rigs.

  • Containerized HFO Generator Sets

    Output Ratings: 1.0 - 1.88 MW
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  • Containerized Crude Oil Generator Sets

    Output Ratings: 1.0 - 1.88 MW
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  • Containerized Gas Generator Sets

    Output Ratings: 0.2 - 1.5 MW
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  • Containerized Diesel Generator Sets

    Output Ratings: 176 - 2,000 kW
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