【 Crude Oil Power Plant 】

Crude Oil Power Plants refer to the Energy station which operate using crude oil taken direct from oil wells as fuel, with the internal combustion engine as prime mover to drive the alternator, and convert mechanical energy into electrical energy and thermal energy. Generally them are small and medium sized power plant less than 250MW, with small investment, short construction term, high reliability and easy maintenance.

On remote fields, large engines can be used both to supply electrical power for oil exploration and production or to drive mechanical equipment. A special advantage is fuel flexibility: our gensets can run readily on crude oil taken direct from wells and conditioned on site, and It can ensures reliable, economical working.

Our gensets are well proven in operation on crude oil taken directly from oil well and conditioned on site. Exploiting crude oil to feed the large consumers involved in oil and gas exploration and production is both an economical solution and saves the considerable CO2 emissions involved in the refining of distillate fuels and their transport via pumping stations from and to the oil field.

Crude Oil Power Plant

Offshore Drilling Platform

We offers power generation solutions, products and services for every phase of oil exploration, production and refining – both onshore and offshore. We can provide the individual design according to customer requirements and determine the scope supply. The product can be delivered fast and reply is a short time. Please choose the suitable product for you >> Crude Oil Generator Sets.

Crude Oil Power Plant Benefits:
● High efficiency: Mechanical efficiencies up to 49.0% over.
● Saves the considerable CO2 emissions.
● High reliability.
● Ease of maintenance: longest safe interval between major overhauls and minimal daily maintenance.
● Fuel flexibility: Our gensets can run readily on crude oil taken direct from oil wells.
● Reliable power supply under all conditions – insensitivity to hot and high-altitude locations.
● Power range from 0.4 MW up to 21 MW/unit.
● Power plants with an output of more than 250 MWe.
● Modular concept for flexible capacity extension.
● Long lifetime.

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